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Valet parking is a necessity at almost every hospital and medical center where parking space is limited or patients and guests need to walk a long distance from the parking lot. A successful valet parking team doesn’t just park cars. They offer friendly greetings and farewells to every person they see, they maintain the cleanliness of the staging area, they assist patients or guests who may need a wheelchair or directions to their destination, and they ensure a steady flow of traffic while keeping the area safe for everyone. Put simply, the valet team provides a first and last impression of the facility for every patient and guest. When a facility partners with Encore Service Group, administrators can count on our valet team to go above and beyond to satisfy the needs of every person we meet.

ensuring your guests receive
the special treatment they deserve

The Encore Promise

  • We greet patients and guests and address them by name.
  • We wash the windshield on each car we park.
  • We maintain a professional demeanor and appearance at all times.
  • We open doors and provide any assistance needed.
  • We actively seek opportunities to exceed expectations.
  • We act as an added layer of security for the facility.
  • We serve people, not cars.

I’m not sure of names at the main entrance at around 7:45 am and again at around 1:00 pm. The valet attendant were very friendly and very speedy. I had an amazing experience.

Roxi | Ann Arbor, Michigan

your partner in safe parking and support services

From the first hello to the last farewells, Encore Service Group treat your guests with the same level of service and respect that you expect from your employees.

With a dedicated, well-trained staff, specialized services tailored for each client that we serve, and state-of-the-art equipment and technology

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