About Encore Service Group

Encore Service Group is a leading valet and patient transportation company serving Michigan and Northern Ohio. We believe that healthcare and hospitality should go hand-in-hand.

impeccable hospitality service

With our caring, compassionate team paired with our impeccable hospitality service, you can rest assured that your patient and visitor experience will be seamless, safe, and comfortable. With our flexible staffing and operating model, you can adjust hours and services to achieve your hospital’s most effective financial structure as needs evolve.

Measured Success

We pride ourselves on providing high quality service with full transparency. Guests at each facility we serve are encouraged to rate our service with an anonymous third-party survey.

This tool gives us a clear understanding of the quality of our performance. Each month, we receive a report that tells us how our services and staff are perceived. We believe that perception is reality, so the rating that patients and guests give us provides the clearest indication of our service quality. When our scores are high, we give positive feedback to our staff. When our scores show room for growth, we take immediate action to improve the experience we provide.

What can you expect from Encore?

Encore Service Group is dedicated to providing the highest level of service to every person at every time. Whether it’s one of our Non-Emergency Medical Transportation professionals picking up a patient for an appointment or a parking garage attendant helping to ensure a smooth flow of traffic, administrators can expect the highest level of courtesy, respect, and knowledgeable assistance from every member of our team.

Our Team

Our most valued employees are those who lead by example, and our team is comprised of dedicated individuals who make it their mission to provide incomparable service excellence.

  • Team members must wear a uniform with a tucked-in shirt, ironed pants, and clean shoes.
  • They must have no visible tattoos, no facial piercings, and no earrings for male employees.
  • They must keep staging areas safe and free from debris.
  • They are expected to engage guests and display courtesy at all times.

Team Pillars

Phenomenal Leaders

Our most valued employees are those who lead by example, and our leadership team is comprised of dedicated individuals who make it their mission to exceed expectations and provide incomparable service excellence.

Constant Reinforcement

Our employees are not static in their positions. They complete regular training and are encouraged to share their ideas and goals with our entire team. By giving our employees positive reinforcement, we’re constantly improving our operation and empowering our future leaders.

Organizational Clarity

No team can be successful unless every member accepts the mission and has a clear understanding of his or her responsibilities. Our staff is always aware of their schedules and assignments, which allows us to maintain a consistent level of service without confusion or interruption.

Team of Teams

Our experience has shown us that when employees work together on individual teams to achieve initiatives and set higher standards, we can uncover new ways to carry out our mission and provide a service that is uniquely tailored to the needs of each facility.

Clear Communication

Every member of our staff is an integral component of our operation, and our clear communication ensures that every task is completed the right way every time. In the same way that we expect our own staff to maintain complete transparency, our leaders take the time to communicate with facility administrators to ensure that we’re always exceeding expectations.

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