Support Services

Encore Service Group is making the most significant impression on your patients and guests.

Support Services

While the doctors and nurses at a hospital or medical center can provide exceptionally attentive and effective clinical care, the people working in support positions often make the most significant impression on patients and guests.

Encore Service Group can fill greeter, front desk, internal transportation, and other hospitality positions with highly trained individuals who will ensure that the impressions they make are always positive.

From offering up a friendly smile to going great lengths to ensure that a patient or guest has all of the information and resources they need, Encore Service Group employees can turn support positions into some of the most important roles in a medical facility.

A reliable and efficient
internal transportation team


From curbside to bedside, greeters serve an integral role in the throughput process. Whether a greeter is simply providing a friendly smile or going great lengths to meet the needs of a patient or guest, they are an extension of a facility’s dedication to service excellence.

Encore Service Group can provide highly trained and dedicated individuals to fill these roles, ensuring that every patient and guest has access to friendly assistance, no matter what their needs are.


Medical professionals work hard to provide the highest level of care to every patient. But this often means that they have little time to balance their responsibilities outside of the hospital. Encore Service Group can utilize welcome desk space to provide employees with complementary concierge services, such as:

  • Arranging for an oil change/car cleaning
  • Mail and shipping services
  • Information research
  • Ordering flowers for delivery
  • Contacting transportation or shuttle services
  • Ordering food/groceries
  • Dropping off and delivering dry cleaning

Internal Transportation

A reliable and efficient internal transportation team is essential for every hospital. Encore Service Group can provide a disciplined and courteous internal transportation staff that increases productivity, improves patient satisfaction, and works hand-in-hand with the various departments inside of the hospital to ensure that appointment times are kept and patients receive courteous and attentive care.

Catlin W went above and beyond
to help make our experience great!

Joan | Livonia, MI

Support Services Management

You bring your patients top-notch care when they visit your facility. At Encore Service Group, we ensure your patients and guests feel safe and cared for from when they pull up to your property until they depart.

  • Enhances the patient or guest experience
  • Reduces congestion, organizes traffic flow, and streamlines arrival
  • Replaces the stress involved in searching for parking with a warm, effortless welcome
  • Optimizes parking to allow guest access to the closest self-park spaces
  • Maximizes parking space by efficiently parking vehicles and stacking vehicles when needed

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